Unsere Weinsberg CaraSuite und CaraLoft Heidelberg Edition

Suchen und finden Sie Ihre ganz persönliche Heidelberg Edition.

Our heart beats for your vacation!

Caravans and motorhomes of well-known manufacturers, with special equipment and custom-made products? And that at a fair price and with an optimal financing offer? For more than 55 years, we at Schneider Caravaning have been the perfect partner for exactly this request! We want one thing above all else: to make you happy. That's why we are your knowledgeable advisor, your honest friend and your loyal partner.

We present new and used vehicles to you in our adventure world in Heidelberg, where you can sit to the rehearsal, lie down and even sit behind the wheel. We offer vehicles of the brands KNAUS, TABBERT, T @ B and WEINSBERG for sale as well as a large selection of vehicles for rent from our partners ADAC and Rent and Travel for a few weeks or even a longer period. We always focus on quality, seriousness and reliability. That's why you always get a two-year warranty when you buy a used caravan or mobile home, thanks to our partner Pro Garant.

And that's not all: if you decide to buy from Schneider Caravaning, we will cover your hotel costs for one night in Heidelberg for two persons, take care of the admission of your new travel companion and do everything possible with an attached workshop and various service offers You feel comfortable with us

- just like on vacation!

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